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CT_RA Update mit 1.9

Neuer Patch, neue AddOns. Gerade eben entdeckt, die CT_RaidAssist 1.5 (beta) Patch-Notes, ich freu’ mich!

  • NOTE: You must exit out of the game to install CT_RaidAssist 1.5. You also need the additional mod CT_RABossMods (from http://www.ctmod.net) if you wish to use Boss Notifications.
  • CT_RaidAssist is now using a new format. CTRA now consists of two folders, CT_RaidAssist and CT_RABossMods. This means that all BossMods are a separate addon now, and will have to be downloaded in addition to CTRA if you want those. Overwriting your old directory will not cause problems. CT_RABossMods is dependant on CT_RaidAssist.
  • Another big change is the way CTRA now replaces the Blizzard raid frames. Suggested and recommended by the Blizzard Devs, the default raid UI will no longer load or run in the background while CTRA is installed. This should increase overall performance.
**Major Additions**
  • Added PlayerTargets. Similar to MTT’s but client side. Everyone can set up to 10 PlayerTargets which will only be seen by you. Player targets function slightly different than MTT’s and more similar to the way the Blizzard frames work. Setting a PlayerTarget will add a box showing their hp/mana just like a normal CTRA frame, however if you enable showing Players Target’s Target, you will get an expanded box (like MTT’s) that shows you the players target to the right of their CTRA window. This means anyone (not just leaders) can set targets for people you choose. To do so, simply go to the CTRaid tab of the social window and right click the player you wish to set as a PTT.
  • Added the option to Sort Groups Horizontally instead of vertically; this option can be found on the General Options page of the control panel.
  • Added an Expand Groups Upward option which allows you to place the groups on the bottom of your screen and expand going up.
  • Added the ability to prearrange groups without being in raid. To load the virtual groups, select ‘Virtual’ from the group sort dropdown on the General Options page of the control panel.
  • Added an Auto-Set Loot Type option to the Raid tab. Setting your preferred loot type will automatically set loot to that type when you form the raid.
  • Added the ability for a raid leader to Auto-Promote people. Simply right click their name on the Raid tab while you are raid leader.
  • Added a Remove Spacing option to condense groups further when border is hidden.
  • Added ‘Dead Tank notifications’. Enabling this option will send an alert when a person set as MT dies.
**Minor Additions**
  • Added /ravote. /ravote allows you to take a poll of your raid group. Using the format /ravote question? will send your question to the raid. For example, /ravote Do you have your Onyxia cloak on? Raid members will have the option to select yes or no, and results will be provided for yes, no, and did not vote.
  • Added /raquiet or /rasquelch. Raid leaders can use /raquiet to disable all chat in the raid channel. This option will time out after 5 minutes or until disabled by the raid leader.
  • Added a raid leader text color option. This option changes the raid leaders name in raid chat to make their messages stand out more. Enabled by default, you can select the color or disable this option from the Misc. Options page.
  • Added showing of ‘No CTRA found’ to /raver for users who do not have CTRA.
  • Added the option to disable mana conserve via a checkbox for easier enabling/disabling for fights like Vaelastrasz.
  • Added an option to allow you to set the number of Main Tank Targets you wish to view to the General Options page of the control panel.
  • Added a notification on CTRA windows for who has a soulstone or ankh available after death.
  • Added the option for Shadow of Ebonroc to send to /rs.
**Changes & Updates**
  • Changed the look of the Resurrection Monitor. The text was changed a bit and the ‘No Current Resurrections’ line was removed.
  • Updated Hakkar boss mod to have a 45 second timer since it was changed.
  • Improved checking on mana conserve; it should function much more smoothly now.
  • Improved behavior of Resurrection Monitor.
  • Improved Chromaggus boss mod.
  • Changed MTT targets to reflect friendly or hostile colors.
  • Fixed a typo where mana conserve on percent value said setting it to 0 turned it off; now reads setting it to 100% will disable it.
  • Fixed a translation in the French version for druid buffs.
  • Fixed a bug with RA Option Sets. When you logged on it would show ‘unsaved’.
  • Fixed a bug with CT_RATarget functions.
  • Fixed an uncommon bug some users experienced with TM not showing targets red which had more than one MT targeting them.
  • Fixed a bug with mana not regenning on MTT’s unless hp was also down.
  • Fixed a bug where /raready would show ‘Everybody is ready’ after listing people who are not ready or afk.
  • Fixed the scrollbar on /raresist from covering arcane resist.
  • Fixed a bug with MTT’s not showing up if you went ld or joined a raid after they were set.
  • Fixed up various translations for French and German versions of the game.”