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Einem post auf wowszene.de zu Folge steht bereits einiges der Heldenklassen fest und diese sollen mit dem Expansion Pack kommen. Ob dies der Wahrheit entspricht oder nicht sei erst einmal dahin gestellt, macht Euch selbst ein Bild und denkt immer dran: Bisher ist alle Spekulation. Aber auch wenn es nicht stimmt, so finde ich die Idee an sich sehr gut.

Ein kleiner Auszug:

You will be stuck at level 60, just like you are now, even when the expansion comes out. An epic quest (of REALLY epic proportions) for each hero class will be made available to level 60 players. The only way to break the level 60 barrier will be to go on one of these quests to become a hero class. The quest will require the player to do a lot of solo content as well as a variety of group and raid content. Upon completion of the quest, the player will become a level 61 hero class . They can then once again begin their normal level progression. A hero class is not innately more powerful than a normal class (but the level differentiation makes them more powerful of course). Hero classes will be available to everyone and although the hardcore players will naturally get their hero classes first, it is designed so that players of all play styles will be able to become a hero class in a reasonable amount of time. Blizzard’s implementation of hero classes will accomplish a lot of things. It will create a natural barrier at level 60 that will insure that the average player will experience more of the content Blizz has developed, it gives players a way of further differentiating themselves, and it adds a huge amount of new dynamics between different classes.

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