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PvP Ă„nderungen mit 1.11 oder 1.12

Serverübergreifende BG’s, Ladder, Turniere, etc. Wenn das alles stimmt, dann folgen rosige PvP Zeiten!

Well good news is coming to all you Battlegrounds veterans out there … and a lot sooner than you think! Blizzard is hard at work right now creating new enhanced Battlegrounds servers. These servers will no longer be regulated to a single realm, but cross-linked across Realms to create an diverse PvP experience! Right now they are planning on linking 16 realms together per Battleground server for massive PvP action. You could imagine how this can really help out the Battlegrounds situation, not only will the queues go much faster but you’ll finally get a chance to fight across Realms.

Quelle: Gaming Steve GerĂĽchtekĂĽche